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Online Merchandise Mart Finance
I. Introduction
This is a short-term financing service, supported by computer-assisted assessment and interest rate pricing model, jointly offered by ICBC and Online Merchandise Mart for traders to apply, draw and repay short-term loans. Loans are guaranteed by traders' spot goods. There are two types of services: buyer's credit by e-warehouse receipt and sellers' credit by e-warehouse receipt.
Buyer's credit by e-warehouse receipt is a short-term loan. The buyer places electronic order to seller in Online Merchandise Mart and pays the security deposit or advance payment. The buyer then uses the e-warehouse receipt matched with the merchandise bought as the pledge to apply.
Seller's credit by e-warehouse receipt is a short-term loan. The seller uses the e-warehouse receipt held on hand and not yet transferred as the pledge to apply.

II. Borrower's Conditions
1. Borrower, Merchandise Mart and ICBC sign the tripartite agreement to clarity the rights and obligations of each party;
2. Borrower is a customer of Corporate Internet Banking (certificate edition), with the permission to use the certificate;
3. Merchandise should be within the business scope of the borrower;
4. A credit rating of class-A (inclusive) or above;

III. Advantages
1. Simple steps: Loan application, contract signing and repayment can be completed online, paperless processing, no need to run to the bank to apply.
2. Highly efficient: ICBC uses the online data of trader to review the application, very efficient. The trader can get the loan in the first instant.
3. Rich functions: Functions for checking the progress of loan application and timely SMS alert are available.

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