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Corporate Internet Banking VIP Room Service

I. Introduction
VIP room is a high-quality and convenient service which ICBC offers to VIP clients, which serves to meet VIP clients' special financial needs by integrating various services such as automatic collection, service reservation, account balance reminder, and Corporate Financial Room.

II. Target Client
Registered clients of ICBC corporate Internet banking which have a certain scale of operation, sound business performance and maintains a cooperative relationship with ICBC.

III. Features
1. Easy operation, reducing the client's financial workload.
2. Low operating costs, helping clients develop a sound mode of fund operation.

IV. Application Condition
Clients need open the Certificate edition of ICBC corporate Internet banking.

V. Sign up
Please fill in the Application Form for Opening (Modifying, Canceling) ICBC Internet Banking VIP Room, submit it to your account opening bank branch. After ICBC has examined and approved your application, the form will be returned to you and you can enjoy our VIP room services immediately.

Ⅵ. Service Channel and Time
the Certificate edition of ICBC corporate Internet banking.

Ⅶ. Considerations
When the client makes a single payment or bulk payments at the VIP Room – Corporate Financial Room, ICBC personal accounts that can receive the payment include: Current account, Peony Money Link Card, Money Managing Golden Account Card (Card Number) and credit card. Not including personal business card.

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