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Fund Services

I. Introduction 
Fund Services (E-Banking) provides clients with fund trading services through various channels of ICBC E-Banking. The available services include account opening, subscription, purchase, and conversion of open-ended fund. Though Fund Services (E-Banking), you are provided with services of fund account management, fund trading, defined fund investment, and quick redemption.

II. Target Client
Registered clients of ICBC E-Banking with the demand for fund investment while possessing certain risk-bearing capability.

III. Features
1. Rich variety of products. Open-ended funds that ICBC represent cover the major domestic varieties, such as Stable Fund, Bond Fund, Index Fund, and Capital-Protected Fund. Investors of different risk appetites are free to choose from the various funds.
2. Powerful E-banking functions. ICBC Internet Banking offers a basket of services: account management, fund trading, inquiry, information downloading and report of loss. The fund account is ready for transaction once opened. The trading process is easy to process while clients can have a clear picture of their own fund assets.

IV. Application Condition
All registered clients of ICBC E-Banking holding ICBC current deposit book, ICBC Money Link Card, and Elite Club Card can sign up for Fund Services.

V. Sign up
You can open a fund trading account and fund TA account by self-service through ICBC Internet Banking, Telephone Banking, Mobile Phone Banking (WAP). Fund trading is immediately available upon account opening.

Ⅵ. Service Channel and Time
Currently, ICBC is able to receive clients' trade appointment at non-trading hours, and will process the submitted instructions in the next trading day.

Ⅶ. Fee and Tax
Commission fees of fund trading include subscription/purchase fee, redemption fee and fund conversion fee. For details, please refer to the charge specifications announced by each fund company.

Ⅷ. Tip
1. For long-term investment through open-ended fund, you can choose dividend re-investment for the sake of enjoying value-added growth of the compound interest effect. Dividend re-investment does not charge purchase fee.
2. Fund purchase fee is divided into front-end charge and back-end charge. Front-end charge refers to that you pay the commission fee when subscribing for or purchasing fund; back-end charge refers to that you pay the commission fee upon redemption instead of when subscribing for or purchasing fund. As the years of fund-holding accrue, the commission fee will decrease annually. For details about the front-end and back-end charges, please refer to the announcement announced by the different fund companies. 
3. If you have stable income, but are busy and in lack of special financial knowledge, you can choose ICBC Defined Fund Investment Plan. Through this function, you can consign ICBC to buy a fixed sum of a certain fund product at regular intervals, so as to meet your need for investment and wealth management. Click here for details.
4. If you have some idle money that you wish to make profit while guaranteeing liquidity, you can choose the function of Quick Redemption of Fund under the ICBC Rollover Financial Plan. Click here for details.

Ⅸ. Market Quotes
Stock Market Quotes, Fund Channel.(Chinese Version)

Ⅹ. Product Link
Fund net value(Chinese Version)

Ⅺ. Considerations
1. Upon successful purchase of fund on the current day, fund shares will not be changed in real-time. Usually clients can inquire the fund shares confirmed by the Fund Company in T+2 days (working day) (excluding the fund of special terms).
2. According to the regulation of the Fund Company: to open a fund TA account needs T+2 working days for confirmation. During ICBC fund operation, you can purchase fund on the day of TA account opening application; if you do not buy the fund on the day of TA account opening application, you have to wait till the confirmation of your TA account in T+2 working days for purchase application.
3. Clients can open only one fund trading account in one area, and one TA account in one Fund Company.
4. For subscription / purchase application of big amount, please read the relevant announcement of the Fund Company.

Ⅻ. Definition
1. Open Ended Fund: is a collective investment scheme which can issue and redeem shares at any time. An investor can purchase or sell shares in the fund by bank service in the opening days specified in the fund lease.
2. Bank Account of Fund Trading: is a type of ICBC personal account for managing and recording the fund types and share changes of fund trading by ICBC. A client can only open one fund trading account in one city.
3. TA Account of Fund Company: or "Fund Account" for short, is a type of account established by the registration institute for investors to manage and record the fund types and share changes of fund trading through the institute.
4. Subscription: the process of investors open-ended purchasing fund shares during the period of fund issuance.
5. Purchase: the process of investors purchasing shares of open-ended fund after the termination of issuance period. This term is used for differentiating from subscription during the issuance period.
6. Redemption: the process of selling the holding fund shares according to the price announced by the Fund Company and hence regaining cash.
7. Fund Conversion: refers to that if an investor hold shares of one type of fund issued by a Fund Company, the shares can be directly converted to the other open-ended fund issued by the same company, without the need to redeeming the holding shares and then purchasing the target fund.

ⅩIII.  Risks
The success of trading is based on the confirmation of the Fund Company. Clients should be fully aware of the policy risk, price risk, interest rate risk, and security risks of communication system and network system. ICBC does not bear the consequences of these risks.

Responsibility Statement: The contents on this page are for reference only. The ultimate power of interpretation is under the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited. For part of the contents, notice and specific regulations of local branches shall prevail.