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ICBC Internet Banking Assistant

I. Introduction 
ICBC Internet Banking Assistant is a program which, developed on basis of the present installer which has automated controls and the related Microsoft patches, can activate downloading of all programs needed for Internet Banking and certificate authorization. Compared with present means of downloading, ICBC Internet Banking Assistant is more convenient and stable for users to install needed programs.

II. Target Client
Customers of Personal Internet Banking, Corporate Internet Banking and Overseas Internet Banking are welcomed to download and install ICBC Internet Banking Assistant through ICBC web portal. 

III. Features
Faster and more convenient: To download ICBC Internet Banking Assistant, logon ICBC web portal, follow the wizard, choose one type of USB-Shield. Internet Banking Assistant automatically detects if related driver and ActiveX have been installed for the USB-Shield. If not, Internet Banking Assistant automatically installs. If the driver and ActiveX have been installed but problem still exists in ActiveX, Internet Banking Assistant will automatically restore.

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