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Telephone Banking VIP Service Line

I. Introduction
Telephone Banking VIP Line: 4006695588 is the ICBC Telephone Banking's "Green Pass" for VIP customers. It uses a dedicated voice menu and special client desk service.
1. Services provided for ICBC Platinum Card holder include: card activation, Telephone Banking registration, automatic voice service, foreign exchange trade and payment, bonus point inquiry and redemption, fax service, latest information, and the change of Telephone Phone password.
2. Users of Elite Club Account: Telephone Banking registration, account service, "Forextrading" Personal Foreign Exchange Trading, Bond Investment, Bill Payment Link, Gold Trading, telephone payment, ICBC branch special service, client service and other financial services.
Special hotline services that ICBC provided to customers holding Caifu Card are emergency aid, private secetary, family protection and etc..

II. Target Client
ICBC customers holding Caifu Card and high-net-worth customers holding ICBC Peony Platinum Card and Elite Club Account Card, etc.

III. Features
The Telephone Banking VIP Service Line possesses a dedicated voice menu, excellent system configuration and a professional team of client service. By calling the VIP Hotline, you can experience honorable, cordial, professional and convenient services.

IV. Sign up
(1) Counter Registration: please bring your valid ID card and a local ICBC bank card to an ICBC branch for application.
(2) Registration by Phone (Self-service): as long as you hold ICBC Platinum Card or Elite Club Account Card, you can call 4006695588 for automatic voice service or operation assistance service for application of Telephone Banking. Clients of self-service registration can only access to functions such as inquiry, bill payment and self-report of loss. For other function such as transfer and remittance, bold investment, please go to an ICBC branch to file the registration procedure.

V. Service Channel and Time
The Telephone Banking VIP Service Line provides you with 7×24 hours of round-the-clock services.

Ⅵ. Considerations
Currently, the VIP service hotline is available in all regions of the country except Shanghai, Zhejiang and Guangdong.

Ⅶ. Risks
Please keep your Telephone Banking account information and password safely. The loss of password may lead to risks such as the disclosure of account information and the loss of money.

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