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Peony Card Online Overseas Payment

I. Introduction
The Peony Card Online Overseas Payment is a payment function offering online settlement service for shopping on overseas websites. Through the Online Overseas Payment function of ICBC Peony Credit Card (VISA, MasterCard), you can pay for the bills on overseas e-commerce websites.

II. Target Client
Holders of ICBC Peony Credit Card (VISA, MasterCard) who are in demand of shopping and consumption on overseas websites.

III. Application Condition
1.Clients of ICBC Personal Internet Banking;
2.Holders of ICBC Peony Credit Card (VISA, MasterCard), which is linked to ICBC Internet Banking.
3.Having signed up for SecureCode verification service.

IV. Service Channel and Time

V. Considerations
Once you set "payment password", there is no need to input credit card password. Instead, you only need to input the set "payment password".

Ⅵ. Definition
"Confidential information": the information you set when signing up for "VISA/MastarCard verification service". The information will be displayed on the payment webpage, so as to prevent you from overseas fake websites.

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