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SMS Verification

I. Introduction
SMS Verification refers to a means of transaction verification that adopts SMS as a supplementary option during your transaction verification with an identity authentication tool. After signing up this function, E-Banking customers will receive the verification code when transacting external payment. ICBC provides you with functions such as signing up for SMS Verification self-service, change of mobile phone number for verification, withdrawal of SMS Verification, and setting the lowest limit of SMS Verification. 

II. Target Client
It applies to USB-Shield and E-banking Code Card holders of ICBC Personal Internet Banking, in particular to those who are in demand of higher-level security.

III. Features
For USB-Shield holders, SMS Verification can realize the advanced goal of "USB-Shield + Mobile Phone" dual channel, while for E-banking Code Card holders, it can send SMS of "dynamic challenging coordinates", so as to further enhance the security of Internet Banking verification.

IV. Application Condition
USB-Shield and E-banking Code Card holders of ICBC Personal Internet Banking, with valid ID card.

V. Sign up
1. If you have left your mobile phone number when registering Internet Banking account at the counter, you can log on ICBC Internet Bank, click "Security Center" and sign up for SMS Verification function.
2. If you have not filled in your mobile phone number when registering Internet Banking account at the counter, please bring your valid ID card to an ICBC branch for the application of SMS Verification service.

Ⅵ. Service Channel and Time
Internet Personal Banking provides you with 7×24 hours of round-the-clock services.

Ⅶ. Fee and Tax
Currently not charged.

Ⅷ. Considerations
1. The external transaction referred by SMS Verification includes e-transfer, transfer/remittance between ICBC and other banks, remittance to other countries from China, tuition payment, bill payment, and e-commerce—the transaction sum of B2C and C2C.
2. During the process of using SMS Verification service, cases may occur that you cannot receive verification SMS timely due to the delay of SMS gateway by mobile operators. If you do not receive SMS within two minutes, you can press the "Telephone Inquiry" button on the page of Internet Banking, after which ICBC will call the mobile phone number you left through 95588 Client Service Hotline to inform you of your transaction information and verification code.  
3. When signing up SMS Verification through self-service, you must use the mobile phone number you left on Internet Banking, instead of a different one. During the signing up process, ICBC will send the password SMS to the mobile phone number you left, so as to help you finish the procedure.
4. When you are revising the mobile phone number for SMS verification or withdrawing from SMS Verification, ICBC will send password SMS to your original mobile phone number to help you finish the revision.
5. You can, through the function of "setting the lowest limit of SMS Verification", set the maximum amount of transaction without SMS Verification. If the cumulative amount of your external transaction of the current day does not reach the limit, you can use USB-Shield or E-banking Code Card directly to complete the transaction and signature.

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