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Account Management

I. Introduction 
Account management refers to a group of management functions which enable clients to add or cancel all kinds of cards or accounts that are registered on Internet Banking, as well as information modification and maintenance. Its major functions include account alias maintenance, adding registered card and account, transferring a linked bank card (account) into a registered card (account), canceling registered card and account, Caifu card management, and bank account services.The service also allows you to bind the accounts opened in domestic and overseas ICBC branches and manage together so that all your global accounts are interlinked under the Personal Internet Banking. You can look up the balance and total assets in all of your accounts once they are linked with each other, or make transfer between your global registered accounts.

II. Target Client
This function applies extensively to all clients of ICBC Personal Internet Banking.

III. Service Channel and Time
ICBC Personal Internet Banking provides you with 7×24 hours of round-the-clock services.

IV. Considerations
1. Bank cards and accounts registered through self-service can make account inquiry. Meanwhile, they can only be transfer-inward accounts instead of transfer-outward accounts.
2. To link overseas account under domestic Internet Banking, domestic accounts must have USB-Shield registered first.
3. If the linked overseas account uses "password + stamp" or "stamp", confirmation must be made at the counter of overseas branches before the agreement in force.

V. Definition
Registration Card, Registration Account: refers to all types of cards and accounts signed up for Internet Banking at the counter of any ICBC branch.

Linked Account: refers to all types of cards and accounts linked to a registration card of Internet Banking.

Account Alias: to facilitate the operation of the registration account, clients can set an alias for their registration account of Internet Banking, so as to categorize the different natures and purposes of various accounts.

Bank Hukou: refers to the Hukou Service Agreement a client signs with the bank, which confirms the collection of the client's all accounts, both local and of other city, opened up via all means (Personal Internet Banking, Telephone Banking, and Mobile Banking).

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