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Online Tax Payment

I. Introduction 
Online tax payment refers to a set of services including tax payment inquiry, real time tax payment, taxation legislation inquiry, taxation planning, financial management and other value added services ICBC provides to you, which are based on the TIPS (Treasury Information Processing System) introduced by the People's Bank and by connecting the ICBC system with the tax levying and integrated management systems of state tax bureaus and local tax bureaus at the provincial level.

II. Target Client
ICBC Corporate Internet Banking clients who have registered at their local tax bureaus and the bureaus have adopted the TIPS system.

III. Features
This service aims to achieve electronic tax payment and reform the current tax payment mode which relies mainly on paper documents and human processing; so as to facilitate you to pay tax real time through Internet banking, and also to enhance the competence of ICBC in bank-tax business.

IV. Application Condition
Corporate clients who want to open the "Bank-Tax Link" service must meet the following requirements:
1. The client must already registered at his local tax bureau.
2. The client should sign the Authorized Tax Withholding and Collection Agreement with ICBC and also with the tax bureau.
Applicants for this service should also bring the following documents with them.
1. "Taxation Registration Certificate (the duplicate)" and its copy.
2. "E-treasury Designated Tax-payment Document" and its copy.
3. If the taxpayer's name on the two documents mentioned above differs from that on the application form, the client should also submit an authorization letter issued by the taxpayer, on which there should be the principal's official seal the and signature or seal of the legal representative (or the authorizer).

V. Sign up
The "Bank-Tax Link" service can be opened by two ways.
1. Register as Taxpayer in the Internet Bank through self-service: This registration mode is only suitable for corporate clients who have owned two certificates, i.e., operation certificate and authorization certificate. For a corporate client logging onto the "Bank-Tax Link" for the first time, if the enterprise has no taxpayer's records in the Internet Bank, then the system will ask the customer to register and enter taxpayer data, and ask for authorization from the client's authorizer. Once the authorization is verified, the service is opened.
2. The client goes to the bank counter to open the service, and the bank assists the client to register as taxpayer: The client goes to his account opening ICBC branch to fill out the taxpayer information form, and the bank clerks will enter the information into the system. For clients who have not registered for corporate Internet banking, they should also fill out the ICBC E-banking Corporate Clients Registration Application Form. For clients who have registered already, they need to fill out the Application Form for ICBC E-banking Corporate Clients to Modify (Cancel) Items.

Ⅵ. Service Channel and Time
The Corporate Internet Banking Certificate Edition

Ⅶ. Considerations
The service can also be enjoyed by clients with only one submitting card.

Ⅷ. Definition
TIPS: Treasury Information Processing System is an electronic information processing system that the People's Bank has developed to achieve centralized management of treasury date and has such functions as payment centralization and fund allocation.

Three party agreements: The three parties, the taxpayer, the tax bureau and the commercial bank, sign an agent service agreement, which is the precondition for the bank to act as agent of tax withholding and collection. 

Treasury conducting clearing business: Institutions located in several specific areas where the Treasury and the commercial banks complete fund clearing within the treasury system.
The tax bureaus initiating tax withholding and collection: A model the People's Bank has developed to handle the tax submitted by the commercial banks.

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