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Cross-Border Remittance

I. Introduction 
Cross-Border Remittance is a service provided for clients of ICBC Personal Internet Banking to make remittance to payees whose accounts are opened in banks outside Mainland China, while the remittance amount should be within the prescribed limit set by the State Administration of Foreign Exchange.

Cross-Border Remittance provides you with the functions of cross-border remittance, inquiry of remittance details, and "My Domestic Outward Remittance Sample".

II. Target Client
Clients of ICBC Personal Internet Banking Certificate with the demand for cross-border remittance.

III. Features
1. Convenient and Fast: you can make cross-border transfer at any time and any place with 7×24 hours of round-the-clock service. In this way, your time is saved from waiting in long queues at the bank branches.
2. Online reservation: you can submit reservation information to the bank through this service. ICBC will make FX transfers to the corporate or personal accounts of banks outside Mainland China according to your requirement.

IV. Application Condition
Clients of ICBC Personal Internet Banking with valid ID card, registration card and multi-currency current account.

V. Sign up
To sign up for cross-border remittance through Internet Banking, please bring your valid IC card and registration card to an ICBC branch to apply USB Shield and open the external transfer authority.

Ⅵ. Service Channel and Time
ICBC Personal Internet Banking provides you with 7×24 hours of round-the-clock services.
1. You can submit remittance instruction at 02: 00-22: 30 from Monday to Friday, and ICBC will process your instruction in real-time at 9: 00-16: 00 from Monday to Friday. The transaction will be extended in case of public holidays (for example, if you submit your instruction after 16:00 on Friday, ICBC will process it from 9:00 on next Monday).  
2. ICBC will deduct money from the payer account in real-time according to your instruction, and will send payment information to the overseas bank in real time at 9: 00-16: 00 from Monday to Friday. When payee can receive the money depends on the overseas payee bank system.

Ⅶ. Tip
For fast and convenient operation of cross-border remittance, please selection the option of "My Domestic Outward Remittance Sample".

Ⅷ. Product Link
Online Reservation

Ⅸ. Considerations
1. To make sure that your remittance instruction can be processed timely, please choose the right payee bank and region, and input correct information such as payee account number and name.
2. For text messages including the English name of the payer, the name of the payee, and remarks, please input in English letters since the system does not recognize Chinese characters.
3. You can inquire details of outward remittance within three months through Internet Banking.
4. The account for outward remittance transaction must be the payer's multi-currency current account registered on ICBC Internet Banking.
5. Availability of cross-border remittance service varies in different regions. Currencies supported include: British pound, Hong Kong dollar, US dollar, Swiss franc, Singapore dollar, Swedish krona, Danish krone, Norwegian krone, Japanese yen, Canadian dollar, Australian dollar, Euro, New Zealand dollar. For further information in your area, send SMS to 95588 or call local 95588.
6. You are allowed to set "no digital signing" for specific payees, meaning there is no need to use electronic banking medium for authentication within a certain limit.

Ⅹ. Definition
My Domestic Outward Remittance Sample: a service for you to add, modify and cancel the domestic outward remittance sample.

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