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Tuition Payment

I. Introduction
Tuition Payment is a service that facilitates you to pay tuition and other fees of universities, high, middle and primary schools for yourself and others, as well as the function of bill payment inquiry.

II. Target Client
The service allows clients of ICBC Personal Internet Banking to pay for tuition, accommodation and living expense to schools that have signed "Tuition Collection Agreement" with ICBC.

III. Features
Through the payment submit instruction of Personal Internet Banking, clients can transfer money to the payee account of the school. In this way, students can pay for tuition before their arrival at school, which exempts schools from the trouble of cash maintenance and the possibility of receiving fake money.

IV. Application Condition
Clients of Personal Internet Banking.

V. Service Channel and Time
Personal Internet Banking.

Ⅵ. Considerations
1. When transacting bill payment of all kinds, your registration card is not limited by whether there is external transfer permission or not. To guarantee your financial security, you are recommended to use USB Shield (Personal Client Credentials) during tuition payment transactions.
2. When paying tuition via credit card on Internet Banking, you cannot pay by overdraft. Moreover, the transaction area is the one where you open your credit card, and it only supports RMB transactions.

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