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Online Agreement Deposits

I. Introduction
Online Agreement Deposits refers to an RMB deposit service that the corporate client opens an agreement deposit account in ICBC Internet bank by designating a settlement account; And when the balance in the designated settlement account exceeds or falls below the deposit line, ICBC will transfer fund between the two accounts and calculate and pay the interests according to different rates. Clients can open agreement deposits, inquire about account information, cancel agreement deposits, inquire about notifications and notices, and inquire about returns through corporate Internet banking.

II. Target Client
Corporate clients who need to conduct agreement deposit business through Internet Banking.

III. Features
Increasing the rate of return.

IV. Application Condition
Corporate Internet Banking clients

V. Sign up
You need only to sign the Notice for Opening an Agreement Deposit Account in ICBC Internet Bank online to enjoy the service.

Ⅵ. Service Channel and Time
ICBC Corporate Internet Banking provides 7×24 non-stop services.

Ⅶ. Product Link
Online Fixed Deposit

Ⅷ. Interest Rate Information
Inquiry on the interest rate

Ⅸ. Considerations
1. The client cannot conduct settlement operations with the deposit account, which serves only as the backup deposit account for the designated settlement account.
2. This service supports the basic account and the general deposit account, but not the second-grade subsidiary account of the group account. Group clients with payment authority can open agreement accounts for its subsidiaries.

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