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Certificate T-Bond

I. Introduction 
Savings Bond (Certificate) is a product provided by ICBC for clients of Personal Internet Banking to purchase Certificate T-Bonds issued by the Ministry of Finance, P.R.C. You can operate functions such as T-bond purchase, redemption, inquiry of bond balance, etc.

II. Target Client
This product applies to ICBC personal clients with the demand for Savings T-Bond (Certificate) trading through Personal Internet Banking. 

III. Features
1. Easy to buy, without queuing. The online operation of Savings T-Bond (Certificate) purchase is very convenient, and clients are exempt from waiting in long queues at ICBC branch. Internet Banking provides 7×24 hours of service, facilitating clients to timely take opportunities for early purchase without stepping out of the house. 
2. Easy procedure, low threshold. All clients of ICBC Personal Internet Banking, no matters clients of self-service, counter registered static password, Code Card, and Certificate, can complete the entire purchase and redemption process through online self-service trading by registration cards including Elite Club Card.

IV. Application Condition
You only need to use your current deposit book, Elite Club Card, ICBC Money Link to register on ICBC Personal Internet Banking for the service of Savings T-Bond purchase through.

V. Service Channel and Time
ICBC Personal Internet Banking; the Savings T-Bonds (Certificate) must be purchased within the issuance period of T-bond.

Ⅵ. Tip
1. Each issue of Savings T-Bond (Certificate) is of limited quota, so we encourage early purchase, since the sales will terminate when all bonds are sold. There is no need to open a new account for T-bond custody.
2. After your purchase of Savings T-Bond (Certificate), your T-Bond account will be automatically linked under your capital account of T-Bond purchase. Upon maturity, your money will be automatically transferred to the original capital account of T-Bond purchase. For early redemption, please complete relevant procedures through Internet Banking. 

Ⅶ. Considerations
1. The daily personal cumulative T-Bond purchase quota only applies to individual clients who transact purchase through Internet Banking. The daily cumulative purchase quote can be different.
2. For Savings T-Bond (Certificate) purchased within the issuance period, its maturity date and purchase date are in correspondence in terms of month and date.
3. If clients do not process redemption on the date of T-Bond maturity, the system will transact automatic redemption for clients' T-Bond accounts collectively at the end of the day, and will cancel all T-Bond accounts by transferring the principal and interest into clients' capital accounts.
4. Accounts of T-bond purchased on Internet Banking will be automatically linked to the designated registration card for the trading. For T-Bond certificate, please visit ICBC branch for the procedure (only for clients of Elite Club Card). 

Ⅷ. Definition
T-Bond: T-Bond is national debt, or national bond. It is a kind of written borrower certificate that the country issues to investors for the sake of raising fund. The bond promises periodical interest payment and the return of principal upon maturity within a certain period of time in accordance with certain stipulations.  

Savings T-Bond: refers to a kind of non-negotiable bond issued by government targeting individual investors for the sake of absorbing saving capital and meeting the demand of long-term savings-link investment. There are two types of Savings T-Bond, in paper certificate and electronic forms respectively, categorized by the means of creditor records.

Savings T-Bond (Certificate): adopts the method of  "T-Bold receivable certificate", and is a kind of national bond issued by commercial banks targeting all the public. T-Bond (Certificate) is an inscribed bond. Holders can report loss, apply early redemption or transact pledge loan, but the holder name cannot be changed and it is also non-negotiable.

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