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ICBC Messenger

I. Introduction
ICBC messenger (balance change reminder) service is a charged information value-added service ICBC provides to corporate clients. After the enterprise opens the service, ICBC will short message the client in case of any balance change, whether the transaction is conducted online, by self-service equipments (ATM, POS, Self-service terminal), through Internet banking or through telephone banking. You can also use the ICBC messenger service to customize the information of balance change sent to you and to modify such information as extension of the messenger service, authorization, mobile phone number, and payment account number.

II. Target Client
Enterprises demanding immediate knowledge of any balance change in their accounts.

III. Features
This service helps clients to get informed of all balance changes and the account activities of the headquarters and the subsidiaries fully and promptly. The client needs only to set the system once to enjoy long-term monitoring service and short message reminding service, which greatly reduces the workload of the enterprise'financial clerks.

IV. Application Condition
Both clients of the Certificate edition of ICBC Corporate Internet Banking and ICBC corporate telephone banking can open this service.

V. Sign up
1. For clients who use ICBC Messenger service through Internet banking, please log onto the website of ICBC Corporate Internet Banking and select "Customer Service- ICBC Messenger"; the service will be opened real time.
2. For clients who use ICBC Messenger service through telephone banking, please dial 95588, select operator service and apply for opening the "ICBC Messenger" service.

Ⅵ. Service Channel and Time
The Certificate edition of ICBC Corporate Internet Banking and ICBC corporate telephone banking.

Ⅶ. Considerations 
1. You need to guarantee that the mobile phone number and email address you gave to the bank are correct. In case of any change to your contact ways, you should change your client portfolio accordingly through Corporate Internet Banking and telephone banking.
2. For telephone banking users, if you need to change your registered mobile phone number, please call the hotline and choose operator service. 
3. For clients who have opened ICBC Messenger service through Corporate Internet Banking, if you select automatic extension of service time, the service period after extension will be of the same length as you set last time.

Ⅷ. Risk
1. The message sent by ICBC Messenger may contain information about the corporate account and about the transaction volume, which if leaked can cause risk to the client, thus we feel obliged to remind you to guarantee safety of the short messages and emails.
2. If the message is lost or leaked because the client has left incorrect contact ways, or because of communication problems, or because of force majeure, ICBC shall take no responsibility for the damage incurred.

Ⅸ. Definition
Extension of account balance reminding service. This service serves to extend the service time for account balance reminding service.

Authorization to extend account balance reminding service. When corporate client applies for service extension, they are required to pay annual service fee; if the applicant lacks authority to make the payment, he will need authorization to complete the operations.

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