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Account Management

I. Introduction
The Internet banking can provide a set of services including account information inquiry, downloading and maintaining. Group enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises can check the balances and transaction details of the accounts held by the headquarters/parent companies and the subsidiaries at any time, and get informed of and monitor the fund activities within the enterprise real time. Available functions include account balance inquiry, account activities on the current day inquiry, historical account activities inquiry, bank slips inquiry and electronic reconciliation of accounts.

II. Target Client
This service can be widely adopted. It serves companies scaled from tiny ones to super-large group enterprises.

III. Application Condition
Clients should have registered the Certificate edition of Corporate Internet Banking or the corporate telephone banking at the counter; or have registered the General edition of Corporate Internet Banking on the website of ICBC through self-service.

IV. Sign up
Any enterprise or social group which has opened the settlement account at ICBC can open this service after registering for ICBC Corporate Internet Banking at the counter or online. You can also apply for corporate telephone banking at the counter, and use the account management service of telephone banking.

V. Service Channel and Time
The General, Certificate and SME edition of ICBC Corporate Internet Banking provides 7×24 non-stop services.

Ⅵ. Considerations
1. When the client uses the inquiry service of Internet banking and the "debit/credit" mark for a remittance indicates "debit", the details will indicate the certificate number.
2. If the "account incurred" shows a negative value when the client uses the inquiry service of Internet banking, this transaction is a reverse transaction. The "debit/credit" mark will decide whether it is the debit side to reverse or the credit side.
3. If there are more than one basic accounts under the corporate card when the client inquires through telephone banking, the system will first present the details of the basic RMB account; if the client chooses "continue", the system will present the details of other accounts. 
4. If the group client wants to inquire about the transaction details of the accounts held by the subsidiaries, he must first gain the authorization from the subsidiaries.

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