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Online Payment B2C、C2C (Buyer)

I. Introduction
Online Payment is a service of online payment settlement provided by ICBC for personal clients to facilitate their purchase process on e-commerce platforms. Through the service, you can conveniently transact payment for orders generated by e-commerce platforms.

II. Target Client
Clients who are in need to purchase on e-commerce platforms.

III. Features
Supporting multiple channels of services.

IV. Application Condition
1. Clients holding ICBC ICBC Money Link Card, Elite Club Card, Credit Card or Quasi Credit Card;
2. Valid ID Card.

V. Sign up
1. Apply at ICBC counter to become clients of ICBC E-Banking (Internet Banking, Telephone Banking, Mobile Phone Banking-SMS, and Mobile Phone Banking-WAP)
2. Sign up at ICBC counter for Personal Internet Banking USB Shield or Code Card (Internet Banking)
3. Sign up at ICBC counter for the E-Commerce function (Internet Banking, Mobile Phone Banking-WAP)

Ⅵ. Service Channel and Time
Internet Banking, Telephone Banking, and Mobile Phone Banking provide you with 7×24 hours of round-the-clock services.

Ⅶ. Considerations
I. Internet Banking Online Payment (B2C、C2C)
1. If you need to transact B2C payment with your credit card or a registered card without Internet Banking, you can go to any ICBC branch to link the payment card to Internet Banking; you can transact overdraft payment based on the line of your credit card, and the service also support the function of payment instalment.
2. Without specification on the website, the trade Customers using USB-Shield and code card are restricted by transaction limit. Please refer to Personal Internet banking Transaction Rules for more details.
3. Holders of ICBC Peony Quasi Credit Card (VISA and MasterCard) can also purchase on foreign websites (for details, please see "Peony Card Online Overseas Payment" Introduction);
II. Telephone Banking Online Payment (B2C)
For details, please see "Telephone B2C" Introduction
III. Mobile Banking (SMS) Online Payment (B2C)
1. Your mobile phone should support SMS in Chinese
2. The limit of payment is 1000 RMB per transaction and 1000 RMB on total for a single day (the amount is shared with external transfer of Mobile Banking)
IV. Mobile Banking (WAP) Online Payment (B2C)
1. Clients of self-service registration cannot conduct B2C transactions;
2. You need to sign up digital business for your mobile phone SIM card (China Mobile: GPRS, China Unicom: CDMA1X)
3. Clients of ICBC USB Shield need to apply a Code Card at ICBC counter, and the Code Card can only be used for Mobile Phone Banking (WAP) payment transactions;
4. You can recharge your mobile phone or pay for business trip services through Mobile Phone Banking (WAP);
5. You can log on ICBC Internet Banking and add your other bank cards linked to Internet Banking as registration card of Mobile Phone Banking (WAP), so that you can transact payment through different registration cards.

Ⅷ. Definition
1. E-Commerce Platform: the online shopping mall platform that provides services of e-commerce, such as websites, business call centers, etc.;
2. Online Payment B2C: the operation that provides online trading services for individuals (buyers) and enterprises (sellers);
3. Online Payment C2C: the operation that provides online trading services for individuals (buyers) and individuals (sellers);
4. WAP: short for "Wireless Application Protocol", which is a kind of internet protocol for wireless terminal equipment, a communication protocol carried through HTTP. Currently applied are two versions: 1.2 and 2.0.

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