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Corporate Client Certificate

I. Introduction
Corporate client certificate is a highly advanced safety tool ICBC offers to the corporate clients for conducting Internet banking transactions, which includes classic card certificate, silver card certificate, gold card certificate, USBkey certificate and disc certificate.

Common card certificate uses the magnetic stripe as the storage medium; silver card certificate the IC chip; gold card certificate the IC chip together with the magnetic stripe; USBkey certificate the IC chip with a USB plug; disc certificate the computer hard drive designated by the client.

II. Target Client
Corporate clients of ICBC Internet banking

III. Features
USBkey certificate is a tool for electronic signature and digital authentication. It has an in-built micro smart card processer and uses the 1024 asymmetric key algorithm for online data encryption, decryption and digital signature; thus can guarantee the security, authenticity, completeness and undeniableness of online transactions.

IV. Application Condition
The client shall open an account at ICBC and present the bank with all materials requested.

V. Sign up
The Client shall bring related materials to the ICBC outlet to open online banking and apply for the certificate.

Ⅵ. Service Channel and Time
Corporate Internet banking offers you 7*24 hour services.

Ⅶ. Operation Guide
1. Application and Receipt of the Certificate
After registering an account for corporate Internet banking at ICBC, the client shall bring his ID card and the completed ICBC Internet Banking Corporate Client Certificate Receipt Form to the account opening bank branch to get the IC card with the client certificate stored in it, USBkey, card-reader, envelope containing the password, corporate client certificate installation disc, and operation manual. 
2. Upgrade of the operation system and installation of the driver
To enable your use of ICBC corporate Internet banking, ICBC offers two options for upgrading your operation system and installing the driver:
(1)Use the disc to upgrade your operation system and install the driver.
(2)Download and install the system patch, card-reader driver, and USBKEY driver automatically from the portal website of ICBC.
3. Log onto the website of ICBC corporate Internet banking
After connecting the IC card and card-reader or the USBKEY with the computer, the client can log into the corporate Internet banking through the portal website of ICBC. During the process, the system will remind the client to choose his certificate and type in the certificate password. The client can refer to the password envelope for instruction on choosing certificate and type in the password, and can log into the corporate Internet banking afterward.

Ⅷ. Considerations
1. The effective period of the corporate client certificate is five years. Within one month before the expiration of the certificate, when the client log into the corporate Internet banking, the system will remind the client to extend the effective period. There are two ways to achieve that: first, go to the account opening bank branch to complete necessary operations; second, download necessary files from the Certificate Management under the column of Client Service Functions at the website of ICBC corporate Internet banking.
2. If the downloading fails, the client need to go to his account opening bank branch to extend the effective period within fifteen days after the expiration of the certificate.
3. When a wrong certificate password is given more than six times, to guarantee safety, the program will lock the certificate. The client has to go to the ICBC outlet where he opened the corporate Internet banking to reset the password. The new password will become effective immediately.
4. If the client loses his certification within its effective period, to guarantee safety, the client needs to go to the ICBC outlet where he opened the corporate Internet banking to freeze the certificate IC. After confirmation of the loss of the certificate, the client can apply for a reissuing of certificate at the account opening bank branch.
5. ICBC corporate Internet banking supports CFCA certificate authentication. The client can submit the Corporate Internet Banking Registration and Application Form; and after examination and approval by ICBC, can get the CFCA certificate and related materials.

Ⅸ. Risks
To use Internet banking safely, please protect your certificate and password, make sure your computer is safe and reliable, regularly update your antivirus software, download the patches in time, do not open programs, links, and mails if it is not clear where they come, keep a sound habit when surfing the Internet.

Ⅹ. Definition
CFCA ---- China Financial Certification Authority is a state-level authoritative security certification organization approved by People's Bank of China and State Information Security Management Organization. CFCA certificate authority is provided by the CFCA certification system.

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