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Centralized Bank-Futures Transfer

I. Introduction  
Centralized Bank-Futures Transfer is an ICBC service providing individual futures investors with the functions such as capital inquiry and transfer of futures trading settlement. You can initiate transfer between the bank and the Futures Company and make inquiry of trading details through this function on Internet Banking.

II. Target Client
Clients of ICBC E-banking who have opened a margin account at the sales department of the Futures Company.

III. Features
1. Two-way Transfer of Monies
You can make two-way transfer of your monies safely and rapidly between your bank account and Future Company account.
2. National Network
Even if your bank settlement account is opened in a different city than your margin account of the Future Company, you can sign up for the Bank-Futures service at an ICBC branch of the same city as the Futures Company's settlement account. The inter-city transfer is fast and simple, with the monies immediately credited to your account.
3. Flexible Account Medium
You can register a settlement account of Bank-Futures Transfer if you hold an Elite Club Card, or ICBC Money Link Card.
4. Simple Procedure of Registration 
To sign up for the service, you only need to bring your valid ID card and bank card to an ICBC branch to sign the Application of Centralized Bank-Futures Transfer for Personal Clients and ICBC Centralized Bank-Futures Transfer Agreement.
5. Various Channels of Initiation
The trading channels ICBC offers for individual investors include Internet Banking, Telephone Banking and ICBC counter. The system also supports the initiating channels of the Futures Company.
6. Convenient Information Inquiry
You do not have to step out of your house to make trading inquiries, including trading detail, balance of the capital account at the Futures Company through ICBC Internet Banking. In this way, you can easily follow the latest trend of bank-futures transfer.
7. Special Added-Value Services
No small-account fee is charged for investors of ICBC Centralized Bank-Futures Transfer service.

IV. Application Condition
Registered clients of ICBC E-banking holding ICBC current settlement account (including ICBC Money Link Card, and Elite Club Card).

V. Sign up
Before signing up for the service of ICBC Centralized Bank-Futures Transfer, please first go to the Futures Company to complete the application procedures. After the Futures Company takes a record, clients can go to the designated ICBC branch for formal application, and can start operation immediately upon signing up the service.

Ⅵ. Service Channel and Time
Internet Banking, Telephone Banking, and Mobile Phone Banking (WAP); the trading hours of Futures Company is 9:00-11:30 and 13:30-15:00 from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. (For changes, please refer to the business hours of the Exchange).

Ⅶ. Tip
You can initiate trading of Centralized Bank-Futures Transfer through ICBC Internet Banking or the trading system of the Futures Company. For details, please consult the sales department of your local Futures Company.

Ⅷ. Considerations
1. Please bring your valid ID card and Bank-Futures settlement account to process termination of the Centralized Bank-Futures Transfer service at ICBC counter.
2. You must go to an ICBC counter, instead of via online self-service, to apply the Centralized Bank-Futures Transfer service.
3. Clients who have registered ICBC Personal Internet Banking through self-service cannot use this function. Only those who register at the counter can use the function.
4. This function regards all transfers as between accounts of the same person. The transfer account is not limited by the types of account registered on Personal Internet Banking, nor is it necessary to provide verification signature or password.
5. The list of Bank-Futures Transfer you can inquire through Internet Banking includes all the corresponding relation of Centralized Bank-Futures Transfer of the same or different cities under your name. But during the transfer operation, clients should switch to the local bank account for trading.
6. The amount of Futures-to-Bank-Transfer is limited by the transfer-outward quota specified by the Futures Company.

Ⅸ. Definition
 "Centralized Bank-Futures Transfer" is an ICBC service to establish the relationship between the Futures Company's margin account (opened in ICBC) and the investor's settlement account through the single-point connection between ICBC and Futures Company. Once the investor initiates the transfer, monies will be transferred real-time from the investor's settlement account to the Futures Company's margin account. Based on the changes reflected in the margin account, Futures Company can make any adjustment real-time to the balances of your capital account opened in Futures Company, thus providing investors with the convenience of capital settlement of futures trading. ICBC charges the corresponding transfer commission fee or capital transfer fee for intra-city and inter-city Centralized Bank-Futures Transfer.

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