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Automatic Collecting

I. Introduction
Automatic Collecting is a service ICBC offers to group clients that ICBC transfers balances in the accounts of the subsidiaries automatically to the account of the headquarters. The conditions for automatic centralization can be set in advance by the group client.

II. Target Client
Clients demanding centralized management of fund in the accounts of the subsidiaries.

III. Features
1. Automatic and real time centralization of funds within the group.
2. Conditions for fund centralization can be set by to meet the client's personalized needs.

IV. Application Condition
For group clients who apply for the service of Automatic Collecting, the headquarters should have obtained the authorization to transfer fund from its subsidiaries.

V. Sign up
The headquarters makes an application at its account opening ICBC branch for the Automatic Collecting service of VIP Room.

Ⅵ. Service Channel and Time
Corporate Internet Banking provides 7×24 hour non-stop services. ICBC automatically centralizes funds for the client between 16:00 and 17:00 every working day.

Ⅶ. Product Link
VIP Room of ICBC Corporate Internet Banking

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